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Server storage
SAN, NAS storage
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The NAS product includes a storage device (storage media such as hard disk drives, CD drives, array or DVD tape drive or removable) and integrated with the simple server, can be used to realize all functions involved in file access and management. Simple server optimized design, you can complete a series of simplified functions, such as document storage and services, e-mail, Internet cache, etc.. A simple server integrated in a NAS device can separate the functions of the stored functions from other functions that are performed by the application server.

This method improves the usability of the data from two aspects.
First, even if the application server is no longer working, the data can still be read out.

Second, the simple server itself does not collapse, because it avoids the main cause of the crash caused by the server, that is, the problem caused by the application software.

NAS products have several notable advantages.

First, the NAS product is a real plug and play product. NAS devices generally support multi computer platform, the user can access the same document through the network support protocol, so NAS devices can be used for mixed NT Unix/Windows lan.

Secondly, the physical location of the NAS device is also flexible. They can be placed in the working group, close to the application server data center, or can also be placed in other locations, through the physical link and network link up. NAS devices allow users to access data on the network without the intervention of the application server, which can reduce the cost of CPU, and significantly improve the performance of the network.

The storage area network (Storage Area Network, referred to as SAN) using fibre channel (Fibre Channel, referred to as FC) technology, connecting the memory array and the host server through the fiber channel switch, the establishment of regional network dedicated to data storage. SAN after more than and 10 years of development, has been quite mature, become the industry's factual standards (but the various manufacturers of optical fiber exchange technology is not exactly the same, the server and SAN storage has the compatibility requirements).

SAN focuses on specific issues of enterprise level storage. Two root causes of the problems encountered in the current enterprise storage solutions are: structural constraints on the combination of data and application systems, and the limitations of the small computer system interface (SCSI) standards. Most of the analysis is that SAN is the future enterprise class storage solutions, this is because SAN is easy to integrate, can improve the data availability and network performance, but also can reduce the management work.


SAN provides an easy way to connect to an existing LAN, and supports the extensive use of SCSI and IP protocols through the same physical channel. SAN is not subject to the mainstream of the current, based on the layout of the structure of the SCSI storage restrictions. Of particular importance is that, with the explosive growth of storage capacity, SAN allows enterprises to independently increase their storage capacity.

The structure of SAN allows any server connected to any memory array, so no matter where the placement of data, server can directly access the required data. Because of the use of the optical fiber interface, SAN also has a higher bandwidth.

Because the SAN solution is stripped from the underlying functionality of the storage function, it is not necessary to consider their impact on the overall performance of the network. SAN solutions also make management and centralized control to achieve a simple, especially for all storage devices are clustered together. Finally, the optical fiber interface provides 10 km of connection length, which makes it very easy to achieve physical separation, not in the computer room.

Applicable environment.

SAN is mainly used for the storage of large amount of work environment, such as ISP, such as banks, high cost, the standard has not yet been determined and other issues affecting the SAN market, however, with the increase of the volume of business users, SAN also has a broad application prospect.