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Has a unique solution of company management in the field of PCB collaboration, starting from the specification of PCB enterprise, PCB oriented business collaboration and 4 industrial automation solutions to help enterprises to build PCB collaborative platform and upstream customers, the degree of automation and improve internal system, comprehensively enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises.

The collaborative solution covers the basic data (PCB terms, basic rules), tools (CAD, DFM, calculation and optimization algorithm), platform (collaboration, data security, data process and project collaboration), portal, full support for PCB business transformation and upgrading.
The company with the international mainstream ERP manufacturers cooperation, combined with the company's own in the field of industry, regional and technical experience and advantages, solutions for small and medium enterprises tailored ERP program, covering financial, manpower, production, warehousing, sales, procurement plans, and many other business sectors, through the entire value chain, improve efficiency and reduce the operation cost, achieve fine and transparent management.
The company has a rich experience in SAP consulting and technology implementation team, experience can provide the best solution and the best industry for customers in different industries.

The company has 10 years of R & D management consulting and solution design and implementation experience, with dozens of successful customers in Southern China area. From the actual conditions of enterprises, combined with the most advanced PLM platform and the most successful management philosophy, to help enterprises establish and improve the system of research and development, improve development efficiency and overall competitiveness, help enterprises to upgrade.

The company will provide you with customized solutions, and provide the best cost-effective service at the same time, PNT in the development of laboratory management, warehouse and CAD integration and other fields have unique products and solutions, to provide you with more differentiated value.

Company uphold the principle of "careful management, good service, work together to create value" the

 mission of the company, after years of IT training and IT management consulting practice and professional

 accumulation, to the height of the occupation spirit and professional quality service orientation, to provide 

business strategy consulting, IT overall planning, project management, etc. in the field of service for customers, 

enhance the customer IT operation management level, so that customers can concentrate on developing core

 business, enhance the enterprise management level and core competitiveness.


The company has been committed to manufacturing enterprises to build efficient and advanced R & D management system, help enterprises to enhance the management ability and the quality of the products. Laboratory is an important part of enterprise R & D system and quality system, and will play a more and more important role in the future development of the enterprise. The good operation of the laboratory is to improve the product quality and ensure the R & D efficiency.

Rate will also play an increasingly critical role. With the increasing complexity of products, the corresponding test items are more and more complex, the enterprise urgently needs a comprehensive test management solution to improve the efficiency of test management.

PNT Lab Solution is the company specifically for the solution of manufacturing enterprise test management needs of the development of A. We believe that the management is not only the management of the laboratory test, the management should stand in the perspective of the whole enterprise system optimization research, so that the overall business and enterprise management experimental full integration, making the laboratory work really is to enhance the protection of the fundamental goal of service quality and efficiency of research and development.
Helping labs cope with three major challenges: collaboration, high efficiency, compliance

Global engineering companies are constantly optimizing their product development cycle to accelerate product time to market and reduce costs to the maximum extent. More and more engineers rely on CAx technology to deal with the challenge. Our engineering solutions to the perfect combination of CAx tools and PLM systems, significantly improve the efficiency of the engineering process.

Service industry: nuclear equipment, machinery, industrial equipment, high-tech electronics, home appliances

Solution capability:

Material optimization database
Electronic design data management
Layout automated archiving
3D collaborative design
Mechanical and electronic collaborative design
3D Standard Part Library
CAx software customization
CAx capability:
Electrode software
Pads\Xpedition Mentor
DFM PCB analysis
Reliability prediction
Engineering drawing aided marking software
SI\PI analysis
thermal analysis

The electronic manufacturing industry knowledge management and collaborative solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing enterprise management rules and experience knowledge, the use of standardized terminology expression rules of parameters, and structuring rules and logic, so as to realize the automatic update rules and knowledge and automatically perform data processing. Implementation of the rules based concept of the establishment of industry and enterprise set personalized service, we can help you build a foundation of enterprise technology platform, to support rapid quotation and project analysis, production process, quality improvement, production capacity comparison and optimization of business.

Solution function:
The unstructured file sharing and control;
The structured knowledge and rules management;
The analysis of technical route management and decision support technology difference;
L knowledge service and data integration bus;
- Collaborative project;

L engineering automation platform;

Solution characteristics:

1, using the most advanced concepts and mature platform technology, to support enterprises to create personalized information applications, to build a unique corporate competitiveness.

2, personal service, adhering to the concept of joint development, to establish long-term cooperative relationship with the enterprise, help the enterprise to construct information system in order to deliver end-to-end, from the demand of knowledge, knowledge and knowledge to produce business failure of the whole life cycle of knowledge driven knowledge management system closed loop.

3, have a professional team, has many years engaged in products and marketing in the electronics industry, management personnel, technical personnel have many years of R & D, engineering experience in the electronics industry, patented technology and products related to copyright.