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ECM Solutions2015金沙线路检测
  • File management solution

    Based on our successful cases and reference state archives bureau issued a \"guide\" in the construction  of digital archives to archives system \"collection, management, preservation, utili...>>详情

  • Document integration solution

    With the rapid development of the construction of enterprise information system, the extensive implementation of the paperless office and electronic documents has become an important basis for enterprise operat...>>详情

  • Enterprise content bus solution

    With the development of enterprise information system, internal business more and more, the document class data in the proportion is growing, different business systems based on document data sharing and exchan...>>详情

  • Mas-HR Solution

    As a complete human resource solutions Mas-HR, rather than the simple sense of the personnel information  recording system; he can not only help us fast processing of human resources daily a...>>详情

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