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Congratulations 2018 PNT Cloud seminar successful holding
公布工夫:2018-04-02 14:40:15

On March 29, 2018, the “2018 PNT Cloud forum"  was held in the Ping An  International Hotel.

There are more than 60 people attending the meeting.  Tang Du, director of sales of PNT, Ou Ruhua,

manager of PNT and Zhou Yang, senior technical consultant, Special guest Zhao Xiaoming, senior

consultant of PTC, attended the meeting.

Ou Ruhua introduced the parametric design cloud platform to introduce you to the

overall outline of the parametric design cloud and how to realize the online

collaborative design environment on the design cloud platform. In particular, the use of

parametric design clouds can help our companies improve R&D design data security

and address key issues in collaborative design.


After the coffee break, Zhao Xiaoming, a senior consultant of PTC Internet of Things,

brought an interesting sharing about the IoT digital workshop solution. Use simple

language and rich case pictures to describe the application scenarios in real customers.

These customers leverage outstanding IoT technology and tools to enable

organizations to quickly and easily develop, deploy and scale IoT applications and

disruptive AR experiences. This allows companies to make smarter, more timely

decisions about how to improve operational efficiency and profitability across all

plants. .