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The company was invited to attend the seminar.
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March 2016 8-9 day, to "cooperation and innovation" as the theme of the Sino British Innovation Center

(TechHUB UK-China) to start the event held in Shenzhen smoothly. The event organized by the Shenzhen

state high tech Industrial Innovation Center and the UK Trade & Investment Co organized, and invited from

the two sides of science and technology enterprise representatives, investment institutions, start-up companies,

universities, industry and technical experts to participate in this activity, the future development path to explore

together with the construction of innovation center, promote the Sino British cooperation between enterprises,

to jointly promote the development of innovation and busines.


The technology of high tech innovation center in Shenzhen City, invited, involved in all aspects of innovation in the

 British The Innovation between the between UK and China Chatroom, from the British science and technology mor

e than 20 business representatives such as Cambridge wireless, BT, and China's scientific and technological innovation

 of enterprises such as HUAWEI, in the aspect of xinjiang. UKTI Sherry, Minister counsellor Ms. Madera also came to 

participate in discussions.Center for innovation in China and the uk:

Sino British Innovation Center (TechHUB) through mutual cooperation to encourage and enter the market support to promote research and innovation and business cooperation between China and the UK technology companies. The center consists of two countries
The government co - led initiative, as a derivative product of cooperation and innovation, aimed at strengthening trade and bilateral relations between the two countries. Center for innovation and innovation is the promotion of the UK and China's science and technology industry
Business environment facilitating agency.
Innovation center aims to promote cooperation between Chinese and British enterprises, and strive to promote the development of innovation and business. We need to learn more about the various disadvantages and the success factors.
To ensure that the centre provides not only the introduction of innovative services, but to pave the way for enterprises to enter the new market, more easily into the local market.