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  • Trainingconsulting service

    Company uphold the principle of \"careful management, good service, work together to create value\" the mission  of the company, after years of IT training and IT management consulting pract...>>详情

  • IT system integration

    The company in-depth analysis of customer needs, for enterprise customers to create a targeted, high efficient and  low cost integrated design, throughout the entire life cycle of their IT b...>>详情

  • data base

    Solutions and technical team, the company has Oracle Database, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, PortalSQL  and other mainstream relational database system, to analyze business operation of cu...>>详情

  • Virtualization

    The shares of the company through years of enterprise virtualization implementation experience and mature  technical service team, can provide various virtualization solutions for customers,...>>详情

  • Server storage

    The company focused on global brands HP, IBM, HUAWEI, LENOVO and DELL server agent, has a wide range of product channels and professional technical team. We start from the customer point of view, use our techno...>>详情

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