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Network Management
  • Network management

    Network management including hardware, software and human use, comprehensive and coordinated, in order to monitor,  the cyber source configuration, testing, analysis, evaluation and control,...>>详情

  • Traffic management

    Traffic management Is based on the network traffic status and traffic control strategy, to identify the data flow classification, and the implementation of traffic control, optimization and the key to the app...>>详情

  • network optimization

    network optimization Is to point to the best balance of network performance through a variety of hardware or software technologies! In terms of hardware, the system needs to make the optimal solution in terms...>>详情

  • load balancing

    Based on the existing network structure, it provides a cheap and effective method of transparent extension of network equipment and server bandwidth, increase throughput, strengthen network data processing abil...>>详情

  • WLAN

    It is very convenient data transmission system, which uses radio (Radio Frequency; RF) technology, the use of  electromagnetic wave, replacing the old copper twisted pair (Coaxial) stand in ...>>详情

  • Router

    The gateway device (Gateway) is used to connect a plurality of logically separate networks, the so-called logical network  is represented by a single network or a sub network. When the data ...>>详情

  • Switch

    Switch to more is the application of demand oriented, in the choice of programs and products when users are very  concerned about how to effectively ensure the investment income. After the u...>>详情

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