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1, New energy industry---Taishan nuclear power information intelligent project

Taishan nuclear power station selected solution from Chinasoft for its  third generation nuclear power plant digital asset management platform construction. This platform consists of 43 modules, supports nulear power station operational documentation, report and other digital asset’s control and management.

2, Real Estate industry ---Times Property’s achievement management system

Rooted in a strong content platform, help the client built a complete real estate design and construction achievement management platform, the platform realizes achievements exchange and reuse.

3, China General Nuclear Power Group Design Institute PLM system

CGN Design Insitute Project is the first domestic nuclear design institute PLM project, according to client’s need, helping the client building a 3D nuclear facility coordination environment, achieved an optimum operation result.

4. OCT(Overseas China Town) Group KMS system

Based on Content Management System developed by ChinaSoft itself, a secondary development according to OCT Groups’ needs, which achieved a system with knowledge gathering, management, usage management platform, together with stimulation system, which establish a knowledge heritage system inside OCT Group.