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Chinasoft Technology (Shenzhen ) Co. Ltd., founded in 2003, headquartered in the Innovation and Technology Capital of China—Shenzhen, is a certified national high-tech company.

Chinasoft was founded by a group of ideas and ambition, in early years, the company dedicated itself to serve Chinese companies to transform and upgrade. As the company grows, now we are armed with international cutting edge technologies and management team. The company had developed into technology company which excel in both innovation and service quality. In 2015, its wholly owned subsidiary Shenzhen Parameter Navigator Technology Co., Ltd. is leading the domestic industry in intelligent manufacturing, information, intelligent information technology and services.

From 2003 to 2008, ChinaSoft built successful partner relationship with international leaders in IT industry including Microsoft, Oracle, IBM, Autodesk, PTC, SAP, HP, Symantec, Mentor, H3C, Intel, Samsung, Citrix, etc. The company has also acquired a solid service providing abilities, and has become a one-stop information provider through time and enjoys great recognition and reputation from its clients.

From 2008 up till today, the company has integrated, developed, and delivered many information technology solutions in accordance with the market needs. In the field of Smart-Government, High-tech industry, Nuclear Power, Real Estate, the company had made many big strategic advancement. With the launch of Government-Citizen Communication Platform, Nuclear Power Station Digital Management System, Real Estate Documentation Management System, High-tech Company R&D Management System,etc., the company drew more and more high-end client’s chase.

Products and Solutions that ChinaSoft offers includes:

1. Smart-City, Smart-Government, Smart-Community, City Snap-Shot, City Facilities and National Heavy Infrastructure and Public Facilities Management Solution.

2. TMT(Telecommunication, Media, Technology), Nucleawr Power, Petroleum Chemical Industry, Real Estate Industry, Wireless Carrier, Automobile Industry,  Electronic Industry, High-end Assembly Industry’s one stop software/hardware integration and added value solution and service.
Products and Services include:

a) General Software, hardware agent, one-stop supply line added value service.

b) Virtualized, backup data storage, system security, application security, terminal security; business cloud computation, cloud service and big data analysis and management system etc.

c) Major clients include:
Huawei, ZTE, H3C, Emerson, China Mobile, China Telecom, China General Nuclear Power Group, Guangzhou Automobile, Dongfeng Motor Cooperation, CIMC, CNOOC and Shell Petrochemicals Company Limited etc.

3. Industry 4.0, Enterprise Product Data Management System/Product Lifecycle Management(PDM/PLM), ERP System, E-commerce System, Lab Management System, Electronic Industry Solution, MES System, IT Planning and Management Counseling Service.

ChinaSoft possess a team of high quality, who master the cutting edge technology and great management skills. Our company invests greatly in research and development and innovation, and now holds scores of software copyright, products and patents. At the same time, our company has established a cooperative relationship with correspondent departments of Tsinghua Univeristy, Beihang University, South China University of Technology,ShenzhenUniversityetc.,building industry-university-research and training base, gathering the intelligent minds from the universities, realizing industry-university-research integration, better develop talent, to fulfill future needs.