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Server Storage
  • Direct attached storage (DAS)

    Direct attached storage on the server host operating system for IO read and write data and storage management, data backup and recovery requirements using the resource of the host server (including CPU, IO, tap...>>详情

  • SAN, NAS storage

    The NAS product includes a storage device (storage media such as hard disk drives, CD drives, array or DVD tape drive or removable) and integrated with the simple server, can be used to realize all function...>>详情

  • Minicomputer

    With the minicomputer ordinary server (that is often referred to as PC-SERVER) is a huge difference between the high RAS, the most important point is that the minicomputer (Reliability, Availability, Serviceabi...>>详情

  • High density cloud server

    Cloud computing for the server market obvious to people, white card vendors to rise with the server  Chinese cloud services market, more users are no longer using the traditional server vend...>>详情

  • X86 blade type server

    It has low power consumption, small space, single price low at the beginning of the design, but also inherit and  carry forward the technical index of traditional servers, such as redundant ...>>详情

  • X86 rack server

    X86 rack server: also called CISC (instruction set architecture) server, that is to say, the PC server,  it is based on PC architecture, using Intel or other compatible x86 processor chip an...>>详情

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