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Chinasoft attending "2018 Foshan Industrial Conference”js3311com金沙手机版
公布工夫:2018-07-06 11:32:20

Chinasoft attending "2018 Foshan Industrial Internet Promotion Conference"

Director of ChinaSoft Engineering, Ou Yuhua, introduced  the main functional advantages

of PNT Cloud, easy-to-deploy,easy-to-manage, and flexible expansion of private cloud

and public cloud hybrid cloud architecture to rapidly enhance thecore competitiveness

of enterprise product development and design. , transforming the Internet manufacturing

industry;and the powerful features and application cases of PTC ThingWorx, windchill,

and Creo5.0.


We also set up a design PNT cloud case show, detailing the architecture of the cloud & how

to use it. The participating customers showed great interest in the cloud show.