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  • 3D Vision

    More details :  3D vision.pdf ...>>详情

  • File management solution

    Based on our successful cases and reference state archives bureau issued a \"guide\" in the construction  of digital archives to archives system \"collection, management, preservation, utili...>>详情

  • Document integration solution

    With the rapid development of the construction of enterprise information system, the extensive implementation of the paperless office and electronic documents has become an important basis for enterprise operat...>>详情

  • Enterprise content bus solution

    With the development of enterprise information system, internal business more and more, the document class data in the proportion is growing, different business systems based on document data sharing and exchan...>>详情

  • Mas-HR Solution

    As a complete human resource solutions Mas-HR, rather than the simple sense of the personnel information  recording system; he can not only help us fast processing of human resources daily a...>>详情

  • Data center security

    The company to the enterprise user recommendation system Symantec data security vendors leading the recovery solution, Symantec system Recovery is currently the industry\'s fastest data protection solutions...>>详情

  • Endpoint security

    Based on the current network security, the shares of the company to the enterprise customer solutions  recommended Symantec Endpoint Protection 12.1 terminal security. The Symantec Endpoint ...>>详情

  • IT infrastructure solutions

    Enterprise\'s IT infrastructure is an important force to promote business development and change. Enterprise innovation should first change the business model, and the change of business model requires the supp...>>详情

  • Big data solutions

    The rapid development of modern society, science and technology, information flow, communication between people more and more closely, life is more and more convenient, big data is the product of this high-tech...>>详情

  • Private cloud solution

    With the rapid development of cloud computing, enterprise turning cloud platform is the trend of the future, the future of enterprise IT infrastructure will be the mutual integration of public and private cloud...>>详情

  • Electronic cooperative automation (MES)

    Has a unique solution of company management in the field of PCB collaboration, starting from the specification of PCB enterprise, PCB oriented business collaboration and 4 industrial automation solutions to...>>详情

  • (ERP SAP)electricity suppliers system

    The company with the international mainstream ERP manufacturers cooperation, combined with the company\'s own in the field of industry, regional and technical experience and advantages, solutions for small and ...>>详情

  • Enterprise R & D management solutions

    The company has 10 years of R & D management consulting and solution design and implementation experience, with dozens of successful customers in Southern China area. From the actual conditions of enter...>>详情

  • IT planningmanagement consulting

    Company uphold the principle of \"careful management, good service, work together to create value\" the  mission of the company, after years of IT training and IT management consulting pract...>>详情

  • Solution of laboratory information management system

    The company has been committed to manufacturing enterprises to build efficient and advanced R & D management system, help enterprises to enhance the management ability and the quality of the products. L...>>详情

  • CAx solutions

    Global engineering companies are constantly optimizing their product development cycle to accelerate product time to market and reduce costs to the maximum extent. More and more engineers rely on CAx techno...>>详情

  • Collaborative solution

    The electronic manufacturing industry knowledge management and collaborative solutions to complex engineering and manufacturing enterprise management rules and experience knowledge, the use of standardized ...>>详情

  • Trainingconsulting service

    Company uphold the principle of \"careful management, good service, work together to create value\" the mission  of the company, after years of IT training and IT management consulting pract...>>详情

  • IT system integration

    The company in-depth analysis of customer needs, for enterprise customers to create a targeted, high efficient and  low cost integrated design, throughout the entire life cycle of their IT b...>>详情

  • data base

    Solutions and technical team, the company has Oracle Database, SQL Server, MySQL, DB2, Sybase, PortalSQL  and other mainstream relational database system, to analyze business operation of cu...>>详情

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